FBI Investigates Recent Attack on JP Morgan Chase

Bank vault

In a recent statement, the Federal Investigation Bureau confirmed they are investigating the recent attack on five US financial giants, among them the largest financial institution in the United States, JP Morgan Chase. The FBI didn’t report on who is behind the attacks. They did, however, reveal that they’re working in collaboration with the US Secret Service to assess the scope of the attacks.

Bloomberg News, the first to report on the attacks, did say that the investigation was examining the possibility of Russian involvement, amid declining relations with the United States over the Ukrainian crisis, as well as the Middle East. The Bloomberg report, quoting security expert, points to the fact that the capability of the hackers to penetrate multiple security layers appears to be “far beyond the capability of ordinary criminal hackers.”

On the other hand, some experts are questioning the above claim, saying these attacks apparently involved the theft of data, rather than disruption of services, which is what most state-backed attacks aim for.

Amichai Shulman, the chief technology officer at the security firm Imperva, seems to think these attacks might be originating from the Eastern Europe, as do, apparently, most attacks on the US financial institutions.

A spokeswoman for JP Morgan Chase said: “Companies of our size unfortunately experience cyber-attacks nearly every day. “We have multiple layers of defense to counteract any threats and constantly monitor fraud levels.”