A New Android App that Turns Your Smartphone into a Hacking Tool

A new tool has surfaced on the web that can turn your Nexus Android phone into practically a Swiss Army knife. The tool is called Kali NetHunter and, although it’s still in early stages of development, it already allows to launch attacks on unattended computers, as well as Wi-Fi networks via USB connection.

It acts as an HID (human interface device), which allows it to launch keyboard attacks and can automatically elevate its privileges on a Windows PC and install itself as a new network adapter. It then acts as a reverse-HTTP tunnel, re-routing all of that PC’s network traffic through the phone to a remote workstation.

Here’s a little demonstration of the attack:

As one of the developers, Mati Aharoni, points out, this tool is still in early stages of the development are more features and better compatibility with other devices are yet to come.