Home Depot Targeted in a Recent Cyber-Attack

It appears that the home-improvement giant, Home Depot, has become the latest target of credit card theft. Reportedly, multiple credit card companies noticed some rather suspicious activity on a few of their accounts, which were all linked to Home Depot. The management immediately took action and is currently investigating the whole matter with the help of law enforcement.

“We’re looking into some unusual activity,” Said Paula Drake, a Home Depot spokeswoman. “Protecting our customers’ information is something we take extremely seriously, and we are aggressively gathering facts at this point while working to protect customers.”

What’s the most worrisome part of this entire scenario is the sheer scope of the data breach. Current estimates are suggesting that about 10 million credit cards might have been stolen. Currently, the hacker(s) are selling the credit cards online on an underground website.

UPDATE: Home Depot sent out an apology email where they apologize and offer their customer a free 12 month identity theft protection subscription. Read the email here.