A New, Clever Way of Teaching the Basics of Cybersecurity

PBS (NOVALABS) came out with a clever idea on how to educate the public about cybersecurity in fun, interactive, and memorable way. On their website, PBS allows interested users to play a sort of educational cybersecurity game.

This game can be used to teach kids, or adults, the basics of cybersecurity with animations, dialogues, explanations, and, of course, through the actual tasks within the game. What’s the point of the game? You are responsible for protecting a new startup company (such as Snapcat) from cyberthreats. To do this, you have to complete different tasks, after completion of which, you are awarded more users on your site, or stars to spend on security. Every few tasks, you can test your ability in protecting the company against attacks. It’s a simple, yet effective way to demonstrate to people just how difficult it is to protect a complex system from intruders.

I recommend you have a look at the game and see for yourself. Below is the promotional video for the game, which in itself explains in simple terms why cybersecurity and awareness is important.

The game can be found HERE.