CEO of "StealthGenie" Arrested for Selling Spyware Apps

Maybe you’ve already heard about a mobile app called StealthGenie. It’s essentially a spyware app marketed to mobile users concerned about the faithfulness of their spouse. The app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry smartphones.

The software’s creator of Pakistani origin, Hammad Akbar, 31, was arrested this weekend in Los Angeles. Akbar is now facing federal charges for conspiracy, sale of surreptitious interception device, advertisement of a known interception device and advertising a device as a surreptitious interception device.

What exactly can StealthGenie do that’s so dubious that FBI got involved? A lot. The list includes:

  • Record inbound/outbound calls
  • Intercept ongoing calls
  • Allow for a remote activation of the app, by a mere phone call, and turn on the mic – allowing you to hear conversations taking place within 15-foot radius.
  • Monitor the incoming/outgoing emails and text messages
  • Listen to incoming voicemails
  • See new address book entries
  • Access to the user’s calendar, photos and videos.

We’ll be examining the use of mobile spy apps in the next blog, stay tuned.