Over 76 Million Households Affected by the Cyberattack on JP Morgan

A major data breach investigation results were made public today in a statement from JP Morgan Chase. Over 76 million clients’ details have been compromised, along with 7 million small business accounts. In the official statement, JP Morgan claims there’s no evidence that account information, such as account numbers, passwords, IDs, SSN, or dates of birth have been misused.

The breach apparently is a continuation of the previous attack on JP Morgan from this summer. Apparently, the hackers were able to infiltrate the computer systems of chase, gaining “root” (highest level) access to over 90 servers, before the bank even suspected an attack. Since it would take months to replace the entire infiltrated infrastructure, the attackers had plenty of time to prepare for a return visit to claim the bounty.

The scope of this attack highlights just how vulnerable the financial sector is. Up until now, the banks were laying low, watching as retail chains face massive attacks. But this only confirms what cybersecurity expert have always been saying: It’s not a question of WHETHER you will be hacked…It’s about WHEN you will get hacked and HOW prepared are you.