Average Hourly Cost of a DDoS Attack: $40,000

DDoS are not maybe your visible issue today. Have you ever wondered how much financial damage can a single DDoS attack cause the victim company? With DDoS attacks getting bigger and hitting harder, it’s no surprise that companies started wondering what the actual costs are. Incapsula recently published a report that provides some insight into this matter.

Of the 270 organizations surveyed, 45% have been hit by a DDoS attack at some point. The survey further discovered that about two thirds of attacks last longer than 6 hours. The average cost of an attack per hour is roughly $40,000, combined with the average attack length, the average total cost is $500,000. However, 15% of respondents claim the attacks have cost them in excess of $100,000 an hour. The report also points out the lengthy process of recovering from an attack. It can take months, even years to fully recover.

As the data suggest, there is an alarming trend taking place – attacks are “becoming more prevalent, more sophisticated, and more costly. At the same time, many organizations aren’t taking appropriate measures to protect themselves.”