The 5 Apps James Bond Would Love to See On Your Phone

Do you know why Cyber Crime Happens

Imagine you’re a target in one of the James Bond movies. The Intelligence Agency just cannot the information they need, no matter what they do. The security around your office is good, because you’re a high-profile target, a prominent politician, let’s say. Try as they might, they can’t figure out a way to bug your office. Then Bond gets a great idea: Let’s spy on him via his cell phone – he has it on him at all times. And so they prepare a list of apps they could use to get the secret information they need.

Here’s their list:

  • AndroRAT (Android): One of the First Android Remote Administration Tools (RATs). Allows essentially a complete remote access to the device, including: access to contacts, call logs, location, messages, take photos, videos, stream live feed, send messages, call numbers, and more. Danger level: 10.
  • Dendroid (Android): Another RAT for the Android OS. Its source code was leaked earlier in 2014 and included a tool to package it with any other APK (an installation file for android apps). In addition to the AndroRAT’s features, it can delete call logs, block SMS, perform a HTTP flood, and open dialog boxes. Danger level: 10.
  • StealthGenie (Android/iOS): The notorious StealthGenie spouse tracker recently made the headlines when CEO got arrested in September. This app cannot be installed remotely. Features include access to call logs, SMS tracking, email access, location, instant messages, access to multimedia, web activity and access to contacts. Danger level: 7.
  • Find My Kids – Footprints (iOS): This app is sold to parents for monitoring their kids’ whereabouts. It’s not hard to see how this app could be abused for tracking anyone. It features include “fencing” (area which if left you get a notification) and real-time GPS location. Danger level: 4.
  • imobiSPY (Android/iOS/BlackBerry/Window Mobile/Symbian): Cross-platform spy app designed to help track cheating lovers. Features include phone call tracking, email spying, SMS tracking, GPS tracking, phone book tracking, and URL tracking. If you want to add features like call listening, environment listening, Facebook tracking, and more, you’ll have to pay extra. Danger level: 7.

In the real world, you don’t have to be a real high-profile target for someone to use one of these on you. It can simply be your spouse having doubts about your late work schedule. It’s always better to know what’s out there, rather than living in a bubble.