Hacker Group Anonymous Declares War on Global Banks and the NYSE

  The infamous hacking group known as Anonymous has issued a threat to central banks around the world. Its targets include the likes of the Bank of England and even the New York Stock Exchange. In a threat that proclaims that the central banks around the world will see their collective power “come crashing down”, the hacking collective Anonymous has launched a thirty-day campaign against global banks. The campaign, called Operation Icarus, began with a spate of DDoS attacks against the central Bank of Greece, earlier this month. Noting that the banks operate with the illusion that each one operates for profits and powers in an ever-dwindling resource-driven economy, Anonymous claims that the banks have instead formed a coalition that along with government intelligence agencies and other financial corporations whose practices have been revealed due to the likes of Anonymous and WikiLeaks. A representative for Anonymous, complete with the Guy Fawkes mask and the dark jumper stated in a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf6JGltELzQ

This coalition seeks the preservation and the perpetuation of the powers that be, and this octopus operates through the tentacles of the IMF, the Federal Reserve, and the World Bank, masterminded by think-tanks such as the Bilderberg group, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

The operation took down the Central Bank of Greece’s website last week, commencing their operation. Dubbed #OpIcarus, the operation is named after the legend of Icarus which saw him fly too close to the sun with his wings, thereby melting them which saw Icarus come crashing down to earth. The hacking group states that that the banks have flown too close to the sun and add that the “time has come to set the wings of their empire ablaze.” To this end, the Bank of Greece’s website was targeted, in an attack that disrupted the bank’s website. An official from the Bank of Greece confirmed the attack, stating:

The attack lasted for a few minutes and was successfully tackled by the bank’s security systems. The only thing that was affected by the denial-of-service (attack) was our website.

The hackers have underlined the power behind the global financial system to be centered with the New York Stock Exchange and the Bank of England. “This is the operation to end all others,” the group states, calling for supporters to take aim at the NYSE and the BOE. The Bank of Greece’s website has already been affected. It remains to be seen if the DDoS attackers disrupt the NYSE or the Bank of England next. Image credit: Wikimedia.