Is Mobile Security on Your Radar?

mobile securityAs the entire world moves towards mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) surges the enterprise, mobile security has become crucial for businesses of all sizes across the industry. After all, these devices are the gateway not just to our personal lives, but to our corporate brand integrity as well; and compromised security could spell a major disaster.

Our expert mobile security and forensics team has most recently been selected to work on a high-profile mobile security case described here by Cybersecurity Ventures.

While the LIFARS team always keeps the product of its work confidential, and does not control clients’ posts, this case points out the high interest in compromising mobile devices by a monitoring malware.

Many mobile vulnerabilities are still un-patched, and known variations of malware can be installed by tricking users to actions without requiring rooting the device.

Businesses across the board are advised to secure all mobile applications in use or in development to ensure a high security standard that your clients/users/partners expect. Please contact our team to explore our top notch mobile security and code review solutions.

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