New York-Based LIFARS Joins Slovakian IT Firm SophistIT in Global Cybersecurity Partnership

Digital forensics and cyber resiliency specialist LIFARS has announced a new partnership with IT solutions and complex cybersecurity firm SophistIT that will see the two companies deliver an innovative cybersecurity solution in the event of a breach suffered by any organization.

Announced yesterday, the partnership will immediately deliver a pioneering Incident Advisory and Response Retainer that will feature a flexible solution for organizations on any scale to adequately respond and recover from a cybersecurity breach. The service, powered by LIFARS, will offer key features including remote and onside advisory services that will aid clients in preventing further incidents, counsel on response preparation and, crucially, a remote-first response following a cybersecurity incident.

 “This is a testament to the quality of our service and position in the U.S. as a leader in the field of digital forensics and cyber resiliency, that will now extend into international territories.” LIFARS founder Ondrej Krehel said of the partnership with SophisIT.

He went on to add:

“The market clearly recognizes the immense need for companies to implement proper cybersecurity measures on-site, which is a great sign.”

The expertise from both companies delivers a combined service that includes robust and reliable hardware, software as well as industry-leading skills and expertise with an exhaustive understanding of malware and attack vectors to deliver an optimal response and solution to customers.

New clients will see benefits in a proactive relationship with the two companies such as having the experts become familiar with customer environments, effectively enabling a faster and more effective response in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

SophistIT co-founder Peter Beresw added:

This combination of high-tech skill-sets and services provide a deep expertise of the cyber security environment and are required for a capable response.”

Image credit: LIFARS archives.