‘Big Four’ Giant KPMG: No Business is Safe from Cyber Attacks

Security Vulnerability cyberattack

Businesses that operate online should ensure operational resilience whereas those in the financial sector should also focus on collaboration, says professional services giant KPMG.

KPMG’s technical director of cyber security practice David Ferbrache has stressed the importance of companies addressing the cyber risks they face, as well as the impact an attack may have on their business.

In a blog post, the KPMG official wrote:

Only then can an organisation assess what a cyber threat might mean to its business – and perhaps its very survival.

Elaborating further, he said companies should be investing more time and energy in cyber resilience and protection than ever before due to the constantly evolving threat landscape. There is an element of ‘cyber fatigue’, he warned, with many firms focusing on investing In a variety of emerging technologies including machine learning at the expense of good cybersecurity practices.

There is a need for a ‘radical rethink’ when it comes to internal audits, he added, urging companies’ auditors to ‘think like a criminal’.

“Cyber criminals are rational businesspeople, who are looking for a return on their investment in the tactics and tools they use to steal, to commit fraud and to extort money,” he said.

Image credit: Pixabay.