Cybercrime is Costing Over $1 Million Every Minute: Research

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According to new research from a cybersecurity firm, nearly 2,000 people are impacted by cybercrimes through phishing, malware and other attacks every minute, racking up losses of over $1.1 million.

1,860 people get scammed or even outright robbed out of $1,138,888, according to new research from RiskIQ which sums up the reality as the “Evil Internet Minute”, drawing the data from its own global threat intelligence data and third-party research.

The research also says that attackers are collectively deploying 1,274 unique pieces of malware, 22.9 phishing emails, .21 new phishing domains and over nine malicious advertisements. Further, businesses collectively spend $171,233 every minute on information security, the research further revealed, with 1.5 organizations impacted by ransomware attacks every 60 seconds. Business alone lose $15,221 per minute on average.

Data breaches result in 5,518 records exposed every minute while 2.9 billion records are leaked in publicly disclosed breaches.

“As the internet and its community continue to grow at a rapid pace, the threat landscape targeting it grows at scale as well,” RiskIQ CEO Elias Manousos said in a statement.

Phishing, malware, spear phishing and other strategies remain cybercriminals’ go-to methods, using them for cyberespionage, politics and reputational damage when they aren’t doing it to earn money maliciously.

“As companies innovate online to make more meaningful touchpoints with their customers, partners, and employees, attackers prey on their lack of visibility into their internet-facing attack surface to erode users’ trust and access credentials and sensitive data,” Manousos added. “Businesses must realize that they are vulnerable beyond the firewall, all the way across the open internet.”

Image credit: LIFARS archive.