Ransomware Attacks Continue with 117% Year-on-Year Spike

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New figures from cybersecurity firm SonicWall have revealed that both malware and ransomware are both on the rise.

According to global figures rounded up by the firm, there was an estimated 44 percent increase in the amount of malware infecting users’ machines between January and October in 2018. Ransomware alone witnessed a 117 percent jump within the same period, the company said.

While 300,000 new attack variants were spotted by SonicWall so far, equating to just under 1,100 new attacks each day. Remarkably, 50,000 of these attack variants have never been recorded before.

Further, the firm revealed a 108 percent increase in attacks within its web apps to hit a total of 93,816 threats this year when compared to 2017. Encrypted threats that were “the hardest for the average web user to detect” went up another 62 percent.

“Investing in hybrid cloud strategies has allowed organizations to harness the power of public and private clouds for their IT projects, however, they require solutions that help simplify and secure their cloud migration initiatives,” SonicWall manager for Australia and New Zealand Amit Singh stated.

Ransomware, the firm said, was “no longer limited to large enterprises” in its plea to urge smaller and medium sized businesses to be vigilant against the threat.

Image credit: LIFARS archive.