Albany, New York Hit with Ransomware


New York’s capital Albany was hit with ransomware last month. Multiple government services were shutdown.The city was hit early Saturday morning on March 30th and reopened most services by noon Monday.

City services impacted in the attack included offices which issue birth, death, and marriage certificates and applications for marriage licenses. Anyone who needed to apply for marriage certificate had to apply in person in neighboring cities: Troy, Latham, or Watervliet. Those seeking copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates had to the state vital records office in Menands, NY.

Fortunately, all other city services were not affected in the ransomware. However, the Albany Police Officers Union was unable to access certain services such as scheduling system, departmental emails, and other services which require an internet connection; patrol car computers were also hit in the attack. The vice president of the Albany Police Officers Union, Gregory McGee, stated that services would take a lot longer than usual because computer systems were done.

The mayor of Albany Kathy Sheehan tweeted:

“The City of Albany has experienced a ransomware cyber-attack. We are currently determining the extent of the compromise. We are committed to keeping you informed and will provide updates as they become available.”

The city has not released details on the attack. However, Sheehan stated that personal data was not taken in the attack. However, many local officials were left concerned about the impact of the attack and the lack of information provided.

Gregory McGee in a Facebook post stated:

“One has to ask the question of why a police department with sensitive information is on the same network that was so easily attacked. What are the contingency plans in an event like this? Why is there no information being explained to the members of the APOU?”


If your organization has experienced an ransomware contact LIFARS immediately