Private CISO Breakfast with the LIFARS and US Secret Service

Private CISO Breakfast with the U.S. Secret Service

On October 22, 2019 LIFARS, LLC hosted a privileged breakfast event alongside with the U.S. Secret Service.

On behalf of LIFARS LLS, and our event sponsor Cymulate we’d like to say thank you for spending your time with us and for your meaningful contributions to the conversation.

Original Event’s Description:

“Private CISO Breakfast with the U.S. Secret Service | Powered by LIFARS

This Breakfast with the U.S. Secret Service will be the final installment in the 2019 LIFARS Law Enforcement Dinner Series, which has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback and community engagement.

–This one will be a breakfast!

Decorated expertise from the U.S. Secret Service in tandem with Incident Response expertise at LIFARS and Cymulate will provide invaluable intel to a small group of hand-picked CISOs in this exclusive fine dining and interactive experience. This breakfast will focus on malicious attacks aimed at the U.S. marketplace and offer critical insights to CISOs on the front line.

The U.S. Secret Service will walk you through best practices for cyber resilience and incident response. You will learn when it is wise to involve the Law Enforcement in a breach response, the process for doing so, what to expect and most importantly, how involving them could be your best chance to prevent your stock price from falling. There will also be Q&A.

Please join LIFARS, Cymulate and the U.S. Secret Service and a select group of your fellow CISOs in this powerful and collaborative breakfast. Your participation is privileged. The information shared in this private session should not leave the session.

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Conferences and other events are an excellent way to share knowledge and work toward new solutions. LIFARS founder, Ondrej Krehel, is a frequent presenter/speaker because he understands how important it is to take an active role in the creation of new methods of maintaining a safe environment in an increasingly unsafe world.