Fake Amazon Representatives Caused Phone Scam in England

Fake Amazon Representatives Caused Phone Scam in England

Scammers in England set up a complex hoax,  pretending to be Amazon representatives and called up Amazon users. They claimed that they can offer these Amazon users a variety of services including free delivery after users follow their commands. A lot of Amazon users later realized it was a scam after they took the bait. These scammers claim to represent either Amazon Prime, or Amazon’s paid subscription service. According to their statement, Amazon can offer the users in Malvern access to services such as free two-day delivery. So far, there are at least 200 people got impacted by this phone scam and lost more than $441,000 in total.

The scams usually start with an automated telephone call. The scammer would ask the victim to download a piece of software on their system. Then the criminals will have access to the victim devices. Eventually, the victims will be requested to log on to their online banking account. At this moment, the fraudster will have a chance to steal the banking details and steal victims’ money.

According to Amazon’s spokesperson,

“We take phishing and spoofing attempts on our customers seriously…we will never call a customer for payment outside of our website. Customers should never provide personal or financial information to unsolicited callers, or ask them to take any actions on their Amazon account.”

As per Action Fraud, the U.K’s national reporting center for fraud and cybercrime, this scam has been reported across the country as there have been multiple call complaints about the scam since September 2019. A detective inspector from the West Mercia Police economic crime unit said s all reports of such calls are encouraged to be passed onto actionfraud.police.uk. She also suggested computer users evaluate their online safety by using up-to-date security software and secure passwords. Besides, visiting actionfraud.police.uk may help computer users to know what to do in order to avoid falling to these traps.



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