Your Security Cameras Are A Risk!

Your Security Cameras Are A Risk!


Since the development of IoT devices, IP security cameras have become more and more popular. Smart cameras are like eyes. This eye has been used in many fields such as home and public services. Once its loopholes are exploited, the images recorded by this eye in the past and present can easily be stolen and used to observe private and public environments, which may cause a significant security risk. When we use smart devices, how to ensure the security of our devices and protect our privacy is a concern for users. The security of the camera is directly related to the security of its privacy.

Cheap Surveillance Available

When people have suffered a lot from thieves, security cameras could play a key role here to help you monitor your house and your properties. Video surveillance is not just for stores and businesses anymore. The security camera can connect to your home network and stream real-time videos and pictures to your mobile devices through the Internet. It is used to be quite complicated to install a security camera though, now they can be installed by users themselves. Besides, security cameras are no longer expensive but affordable. With these cheap image sensors and security cameras, people can monitor and “protect” their front yards, gardens, driveways, homes, and belongings.

Cameras Lack of Security

Although many manufacturers include features such as night vision and motion detection in their IP security cameras, many of them do not actually have real concerns about things like secure streaming and protected access to pictures and online services Important question. Most IP camera uses the default password, and you do not need to change the default password during the setup process. In addition, these passwords are so weak that hackers can easily sniff them out. It is also common for cameras to show users’ Wi-Fi passwords, email addresses, and FTP access settings, which opens the door to attack the user’s personal scope.

Anyone can be a Hacker

If you are interested in hacking a security camera, you do not even have to learn any professional skills. You can easily do so by obtaining the address of the corresponding online services. Firstly, you should open a browser and go to the website. By browsing this website, you would surprisingly find out how vulnerable these security cameras are. Anyone can access these insecure cameras easily and enjoy what they are streaming on the Internet. If you take root, you would also find streams from your private webcam that can look into the children’s room or the camera owner’s bedroom.

Brand-name products no guarantee of security

While Google only wants to collect Internet addresses in its entirety, Shodan collects information from more than 500 million online smart devices. Now there is even a dedicated area to webcam, with no or poor password protection, which can be viewed online. If you access them, you can even control the camera and listen to what is being recorded by its microphone. Moreover, Shodan allows you to filter cameras by the manufacturer. With this function, you can find some cheap products but also some well-known brands such as Bosch, D-Link, Panasonic, and Sony.



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