Employees at Large Organization Email Wrong People At Least 130 Times Per Week!

Employees at Large Organization Email Wrong People At Least 130 Times Per Week!

Everyone has experienced sending out a wrong email to the wrong person or receiving a wrong email from the wrong person. This is a common issue as workers usually spend 40% of their working time on emails. Because we spend a large amount of time on emails, accidents like forgetting to blind copy someone, or emailing the wrong person, are bound to happen. Nevertheless, you will be surprised that this kind of email errors happened much more than you wondered in a large organization.

In recent research, researchers found that employees of large organizations send at least 130 emails to the wrong people every week. In small and medium businesses, employees send up to 177 emails to the wrong people every year. The research also reveals that workers are sending company data to unauthorized or personal email accounts nearly 200,000 times a year.

The research highlights the risks that employees pose to the organization’s data security. Emails sent accidentally sent to the wrong person are particularly dangerous. In addition to embarrassingly copying the wrong people, it could be serious repercussions because more and more people make their personal and company data public. Thus, merely misspelled names or email addresses can cause sensitive data or company confidential information to fall into the wrong hands and expose your company to the anger of regulators.

According to the data from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the leading cause of online data breaches in 2019 was misdirected emails. In 2017, there were 1,357 data breaches caused by people emailing the incorrect recipient last year, up from 447. This number had been increased by 300% over 2 years. Due to this surprising data, the UK ICO made it clear that failure to implement appropriate organizational and technical measurements to protect data will result in significant penalties.



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