Working From Home? Make Voice or Video calls on PC using Signal Private Messenger

Working From Home Make Voice or Video calls on PC using Signal Private Messenger

One thing the recent pandemic has taught us is the importance of remote work and securing communications. In times like this, malicious actors are more likely to take advantage of unpreparedness and weak communications. Therefore, when employees make voice or video calls concerning private and confidential topics, crypto calls should be practiced.

One way to make secure calls is by operating both the Signal desktop app and the BlueStacks 4 emulator. Using both applications simultaneously allows for crypto communications.

It is not possible to make a crypto call using just the Signal desktop app on Windows. This guide will help You to install Signal, using the BlueStacks 4 emulator on your Windows computer, and get all the features of the Android application.


1.Download and install BlueStacks –

BlueStacks4 Installer

BlueStacks4 Installer

2. Launch the BlueStacks app now. Wait for some time as it needs to load the emulator initially.

3. Login to Google Play store and install Signal Private Messenger

Signal app installed

The signal app is now installed


4. Create an account using an mobile number and launch Signal Private Messenger


register using phone number

Register using a phone number


enter the code from SMS message

Enter the code from SMS message


Set up your profile

Set up your profile


Go to account settings - Signal

Go to Account settings – Signal


5. Make a voice or video call

Dialing using Signal app on PC

Dialing using Signal app on PC


As you can see, the Signal app is working on PC and You can use the call function too. You are now ready to start using Signal on Windows to send and receive secure messages!



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