Blockchain Technology: What You Need to Know

The Road Ahead Cyber Security in 2020 and Beyond

The blockchain originated from Bitcoin. As the underlying technology of Bitcoin, it is essentially a decentralized database. It refers to the technical solution of collectively maintaining a reliable database through decentralization and trust. Blockchain technology is a technical solution that does not rely on third parties and uses its own distributed nodes to store, verify, transfer and communicate network data. Therefore, from the perspective of financial accounting, some people regard blockchain technology as a distributed open decentralized large network bookkeeping book. Anyone can use the same technical standards to add their own information at any time. The blockchain continues to meet the data entry needs brought about by various needs.

Blockchain technology is considered to be the most disruptive technological innovation since the invention of the Internet. It relies on ingenious distributed algorithms of cryptography and mathematics. On the Internet that cannot establish trust relationships, it can be used without the intervention of any third-party center Participants reached a consensus and solved the problem of reliable transfer of trust and value at a very low cost. The Bitcoin peer-to-peer network stores all transaction history in the “blockchain”. The blockchain continues to extend, and once new blocks are added to the blockchain, they will not be removed.

A blockchain is actually a group of decentralized user nodes and a distributed database composed of all participants, which is a record of the history of all bitcoin transactions. After bitcoin transaction data is packaged into a “data block” or “block” (block), the transaction is considered preliminary. When the block is linked to the previous block, the transaction will be further confirmed. After 6 consecutive block confirmations, the transaction is basically irreversibly confirmed. As more and more people participate in the blockchain industry, injecting new vitality into the industry, due to the weak knowledge and lack of security awareness, it gives attackers more opportunities.

The LIFARS Cyber Incident Response Team provides an elite customized response for your organization after a Ransomware or Cyber Extortion Incident. LIFARS can execute Bitcoin payments on your behalf, and establish a cyber secure perimeter guided with proper legal and regulatory oversight. Ransomware Response and Cyber Extortion containment is our expertise. Cyber extortion and ransomware attacks are rapidly growing and becoming a large percentage of cybercrime. Payouts are quick, typically in three days. Exploitation and phishing easy. Anonymity exists behind the wire. Everyone on the internet is a possible target. Together this creates a lucrative incentive in the criminal dark web underground.

The LIFARS Incident Response Team has been deployed in many horrific cyber stories, where “cyber patients” almost died. LIFARS was called the “cyber ambulance” delivering life-saving “cyber oxygen” when the “cyber 911” call was made to the LIFARS hotline. Saving your brand, disengaging the threat actor, and quickly allowing you to safely restore business operations to normal are our main objectives. Being a cyber victim is a devastating experience. Digital death can happen multiple times and from a multitude of angles. Attackers are close, yet geographically can be very distant. We have entered a new era, and your chance of being attacked and dying a digital death grows each day as cyber extortion becomes mainstream for cybercriminals.



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