Lack of Corporate Firewalls Lead to The Rise In Malicious Device Activity

Lack of Corporate Firewalls Lead to The Rise In Malicious Device ActivityLack of Corporate Firewalls Lead to The Rise InLack of Corporate Firewalls Lead to The Rise In Malicious Device Activity

According to the latest research, the number of organizations whose equipment has been damaged and forced to engage in malicious activities has at least doubled since the coronavirus pandemic forced the company to develop a comprehensive work-at-home policy. The researchers believe that many of the affected organizational devices may have been invaded by malware before the COVID-19 crisis but were prevented from connecting to the Internet company’s firewall for control purposes due to malicious commands and reasons.

However, home-based VPN connections do not provide the same protection. The most frequently observed activity in infected organizations is scanning activity, which is designed to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited in other Internet-connected devices. A survey was conducted base on 9 European countries and the United States: 

  • Malicious destruction were detected in about 200 organizations in Finland. However, in the week of March 16, the company discovered about 800 potential victims, about four times the normal number. 
  • Between January and March, the number of potentially threatened organizations in the United States doubled, and more than 50,000 organizations were infected before the United States started working from home. 
  • More than 3,000 organizations in the United Kingdom and about 4,500 organizations in Italy in January impaired equipment activity, but it increased to more than 12,000 organizations in the United Kingdom and more than 10,000 organizations in Italy in March 

In Response to the Current Cybersecurity Threats, LIFARS is Offering New and Innovative Remote Cyber Defense Solutions: The Daily TRUTH, Short-Term Incident Response Retainer, and Remote Worker Cyber Resilience.  

The Daily TRUTH – LIFARS’ Innovative Cyber Defense Solution: As the pandemic grows, threat actors are taking advantage of businesses and organizations. LIFARS offers a daily proactive threat hunt of potential threats living on your network. During these trying times, with your IT and Cybersecurity Teams diverted, LIFARS DAILY TRUTH will provide a daily cyber threat hunt on your network, on a temporary basis. 

  • A daily, proactive threat hunt to uncover the adverse actors on your network; 
  • A daily report on our findings; 
  • Weekly and monthly reports to track the changes and progress; 
  • A month-to-month service designed to augment and complement your existing security department. 

Short – Term Incident Response and Digital Forensics Retainer: The mass workforce transformation that we are living through, trending toward telecommuters, increases the pool of cyber victims and encourages attackers to make the effort. Along with this shift, LIFARS is observing the increased variation of attacks and increased susceptibility to attacks. LIFARS understands that it can be challenging to make a long-term commitment during such a time of uncertainty. However, one thing that is especially important NOW is to control what can be controlled and to ensure that your organization’s most vital assets are protected. Furthermore, it is essential for organizations to ensure that they are ready to respond to a cyber-attack. 

LIFARS Remote Worker Cyber Resilience Service: Gap Analysis testing as well as remediation guidance for your remote work cyber infrastructure. Protecting remote workers from cyber attacks. 

  • Daily T.R.U.T.H. 
  • Daily Threat Hunt of client infrastructure 
  • Detection of known threats and suspicious behavior 
  • Monthly Depending on the size employee population 
  • Quick Remote Access Penetration Test 
  • External Testing of Remote Access Infrastructure 
  • 2 Days 
  • Remote Worker Device Assumed Breach Test 
  • Internal Testing what a threat actor can do if access to remote worker device is compromised 
  • Security posture validation. Verification if one compromised remote worker means compromised infrastructure 
  • 2-3 Days 


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