Proofpoint and Microsoft Office 365 Fail in Latest COVID-19 Phishing Campaign

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Proofpoint and Microsoft Office 365 advanced threat protections (ATPs) are considered as top email protection though, an effective spoofing campaign was recently discovered scooting past Proofpoint and Microsoft Office 356 ATPs. The attackers use important information about Coronavirus cases in their local area to fool users. According to researchers, the emails evade basic security checks and use common sense to circumvent detection and steal the user’s Microsoft log-in credentials. Even though the secure email gateways designed for safeguarding end-users from clicking on malicious links and attachments are enabled, it still failed in the new phishing attack mentioned above.

In order to evade the detection of ATPs, attackers impersonated the domain splashmath[.]com, an online learning game for children, with a spoofed IP address located in the United States. However, the emails, in fact, were from an IP corresponding with the Lithuanian city of Kaunas. Therefore, the email successfully slipped past basic domain-spoofing checks like DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), a standard meant to ensure the content of your emails remains trusted, and Sender Policy Framework (SPF), hardens DNS servers and restricts emails from a given domain.

According to the research, the attackers are not only impersonating trusted sender’s email address but also using the keywords in the subject to trick the targeted victim into believing the emails come from a trusted source of information regarding COVID-19. In addition, the email content is socially engineered to take advantage of the current obsession with information about COVID-19, luring users by urging them to on the words expecting to be directed to a link that would include updated documents by the WHO with that kind of information. However, the user is actually directed to a Microsoft branded credential phish to steal their Microsoft log-in information.

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