The Personal Info of 4.9 Million Georgians Published Online

Recently, all the Georgians had experienced a terrible data breach. More than 4.9 million Georgians’ personal information, including full names, home addresses, dates of birth, ID numbers, and mobile phone numbers, were shared online as an MDB file.  According to Georgia’s 2019 census, the current population in Georgia is around 3.7 million. However, the entire file is 1.04 GB and it contained 4,934,863 records. Among these records, personal details for millions of deceased citizens were also included. This terrible data breach was disclosed because the hackers had published these personal details on a hacking forum on March 28th, Saturday.

So far, no one knows where the data is obtained from, and if the forum users who shared the data are the hackers who steal this info. According to the news report, the leak was estimated as coming from Georgia’s Central Election Commission (CEC). However, the commission stated that the data was not originated from their servers on Monday, because the published information is the information that they don’t usually collect. In addition, one of the forum users who share the data online declined to disclose the origination of this data though, he later clarified that the data was not from CEC. It is actually a misunderstanding as it was said that these personal details could be used by CEC for verifying data, but not the data was originated from CEC.

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