Giving Diligence its Due: Timeless Strategies for Surviving Change Webinar

Giving Diligence its Due - Legal and Cyber Strategy Webinar

Legal and Cyber Strategy Webinar.

Due diligence has always been a best practice in vetting vendors and managing your own workforce and environment, and under several states’ laws, is now a requirement. Covid is not an excuse. Instead, it should be a driving force

With privacy and cybersecurity regulations coming into effect, business technology deployment at all-time highs, a remote workforce diaspora, and malicious actors wreaking havoc in an escalated cyber threat landscape, cyber security and data protection strategies require a return to basics.

Join Ondrej Krehel, CEO & Founder, Digital Forensics Lead at LIFARS,

Michelle Schaap, Member, Privacy & Data Security and Corporate & Securities Groups at CSG,

Roota Almeida, Chief Information Security Officer at Delta Dental of New Jersey and Connecticut for a discussion of strategy for surviving the latest legal and heightened cyber threat landscape.

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Giving Diligence its Due Webinar - Timeless Strategies for Surviving Change

Learn about:

• The value of having written procedures in place

• How to prepare for due diligence questionnaires headed your way

• How the workforce diaspora has changed cybersecurity compliance policies and procedures

• What frameworks you can help you comply with current cyber regulations

• How to you organize your budget to fortify your cyber defenses

• Leveraging threat intelligence and cyber incident response to take preventative as well as timely reactive measures

• Assessing cyber risk through network visibility

• Digitally preserving data to support investigations and future litigation



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