LIFARS 2020 Virtual VIP Octoberfest


The LIFARS team would like to personally thank everyone for participating in its annual VIP party to celebrate our clients, community ties and world class cyber ecosystem.

10/22/20 – 10/23/20

Cheers to Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

LIFARS will be donating thousands of excess Oktoberfest funds, provided by our Alliance Partners, to the education of children whose parents have fallen during their service at the FBI.


While LIFARS works to keep your business running, pre- and post-breach, it’s important to also stay connected – especially during this very strange year. That’s why we shipped beer variety packs to our guests, so we could sample the same beers as you – as if we were right there!


cyber security virtual event - 2020 VIP Oktoberfast


We would also like to thank our Alliance Partners who helped make this event possible:

Thank LIFARS Alliance Partners who helped make this event possible

We had such a wonderful time with you on Thursday & Friday last week, and we look forward to talking to you again soon!