Let’s Understand the Endpoint Security and the Significance of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Software

Endpoint detection software

The trend is on the rise to make access to data more fluid. Employees comfortably connect their devices to the internal network of enterprises. It has become more common after employees have started working from home. Given that, let’s understand what endpoint security is and how endpoint detection and response (EDR) software is in demand amid network connectivity with remote devices.

Endpoint Security

The end-user devices like mobile phones and laptops are considered endpoints that serve as points of access to an enterprise network. According to a survey report by SANS Endpoint Protection and Response, 44% of IT teams oversee in the range of 5,000 and 500,000 endpoints. Malicious actors exploit these points since the devices offer them an easy gateway to the network. So, securing endpoints, such as laptops and mobile phones, used to connect enterprise network is referred to as endpoint security.

Nowadays, these endpoints are getting used to posing threats to enterprise networks. Earlier, it used not to be the case since cyber attackers hit the network directly.

For this reason, it is the responsibility of today’s enterprise to extend cybersecurity to these points. Enterprises can prevent the vulnerabilities emanating from these endpoints by ensuring greater control over them. Otherwise, these remote devices can crumble the whole security of the network at any second.


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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Software

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) software monitors endpoints on the network for suspicious activity. It is essential to note that EDR software does not monitor the network itself. The fundamental functions of EDR software are:

  • Monitoring and gathering activity data from endpoints that may suggest a threat
  • Examining the data to find out threat patterns
  • Responding to identified threats automatically to either eliminate or contain them
  • Notifying security personnel
  • Using forensics and analysis tools to examine recognized threats and suspicious activities

What to look for when choosing EDR software?

Well, EDR is yet an emerging field, although its capabilities are quickly becoming a crucial ingredient of enterprise security. Talking about EDR, there are some capabilities that organizations should pay attention to when evaluating EDR software for themselves. Here we go through the features to take into account when considering EDR software:


It is crazy when an EDR software pops up a large number of false positives. It is because filtering the real ones through a pile of alerts drive one to the wall.

Moreover, receiving an increasing number of alerts opens up the possibility of missing real threats. So, it is essential to avoid lower-quality software and go for the one that triggers the signal for a real threat.

Advanced Threat Blocking

A recommended software is the one that counters threats as soon as it detects them. Not only this, but it also prevents threats throughout the life of the attack. Software with weaker offerings often fails to combat persistent attacks.

Multiple Threat Protection

The endpoint can get overwhelmed by advanced attacks or multiple different attacks, for that matter. Therefore, the installation of a security solution that can tackle various types of threats at once is super essential.

Incident Response Capabilities

Full-scale data breaches can get avoided by threat hunting and incident response. A solution that offers assistance to security personnel in these efforts is essential for data loss prevention (DLP).

Some Popular EDR Software

By the way, there are many endpoint detection and response software available. However, let us look at some widespread software of them:

CrowdStrike Falcon

CrowdStrike Falcon is equally popular among analysts as it is among users. It is a praiseworthy choice for those looking forward to paying for advanced features that are arduous to beat.

Check Point Software SandBlast

SandBlast proves to be a classic choice regardless of the size of a company. It ensures strong endpoint security at an unbelievable price.


It is a recommended solution for a company that does not want to sweat the details much yet want advanced features. In the EDR space, users of SentinelOne are thought-through happiest people. Undoubtedly, it is the case for some good reason.


EDR is in high demand nowadays for enterprises looking forward to advanced threat protection. Meanwhile, a robust EDR software results in a precious component of any security stack since it ensures continuous visibility into all data activity.




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