Cybersecurity Events Tips for March and April

Cybersecurity Events Tips for March and April

The cybersecurity goes ahead even in these special times. Organizations dedicated to this area also provide several events, webinars and workshops in March and April. Here are our cybersecurity events tips:

ENISA-ERA Conference: Cybersecurity in Railways

ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity) in cooperation with ERA (EU Agency for Railways), prepared a very interesting project. 2021 is the European Year of Rail. Because of that, they have joined forces to organize a virtual Conference on Rail Cybersecurity. It will focus on innovations in the field of cyber security, which, however, are closely related to the specific needs of this sector. The conference is divided into 4 sections, the last of is focused on ways to share information and how to cooperate towards a more cyber secure railway sector. The conference will start on March 16 and will last for two days.


Cyber Threat Hunting is an essential exercise to proactively investigate potential compromises, detect advanced threats, and improve cyber defenses. Our experts orchestrate an exhaustive and iterative process with purpose-built tools to conduct manual and semi-automated series of searches for Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and Initial Vectors of Compromise (IVOC).


SANS Interactive Cybersecurity Training

Top online cyber security training from experts is offered by SANS. This year, it will take place on March 22-27. During this event, there will be 3 unique SANS NetWars Tournaments:

Core NetWars Tournament – As organizers say, it is a trip through a whimsical and off-kilter technical landscape with computers walking the streets focused on a mission you’ll have to unravel.

Cyber Defense NetWars Tournament – The key task in this challenge is to test participant’s ability to solve problems and also to secure systems from compromise.

DFIR NetWars Tournament – In this section, the program includes an incident simulation. So, participants will work with their knowledge in areas such as forensic, malware analysis, threat hunting, and incident response.

Later, on April 21, SANS also organizes the New to Cyber Summit 2021, which is intended for the following target groups:

  • Professionals in non-cybersecurity industries who are looking for a career change into cybersecurity
  • Students interested in cybersecurity and want better perspective into this field
  • Beginners in cybersecurity roles who want to enhance their skillset
  • Practitioners already in the field that want to explore different focus areas

This event includes sections such as skill building in various areas of cyber security as well as the Career planning.


Containing a threat or an event is the first step in the mind of cyber professionals but gathering information and evidence to pursue legal action typically follows immediately afterward. Our Digital Forensics Services specialize in getting to the bottom of every case with deep science and industry experience.


2021 Americas Spring Summit

The three-day virtual summit, scheduled for April 27-29, is organized by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC). In fact, the aim of this event will be to look at the challenges and risks facing financial services in connection with cyber security.

  • Topics to be included in the program:
  • Technology, Cloud, Application and Data Security
  • Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and Resilience
  • Payments and Currency
  • Cross-Border Intelligence


LIFARS cyber security and risk advisory consultants – technical capability to develop advisories and mitigations on evolving cybersecurity threats.


Fidelis Webinars

  • Fidelis provides very interesting and current topics in the form of webinars. It is possible to learn more about topics such as:
  • Finding out how the Security Operations Center (SOC) can improve its threat-detection capabilities
  • Discovering how various security technologies come together to provide coverage against advanced threats
  • Learning how to expose encrypted threats