Cybersecurity Occupation Hit a 0% Unemployment Rate — We Need More Experts

Cybersecurity Occupation Hit a 0% Unemployment Rate -- We Need More Experts

We started witnessing cyber-related threats over the past few years since the world has shifted rapidly towards digitalization. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has further deteriorated the situation. Comparatively speaking, there is now an increasing rise in cyber threats. It is because nearly everyone is moving towards online platforms, such as business, education, or shopping. In addition to small-scale companies, several giant companies have experienced data breakthroughs in the last few years. It includes National Health Service, Windows, Facebook, Sony, LinkedIn, and many more.

Meanwhile, the 2019/2020 cybersecurity Ventures report foretells that there will have 3.5 million security jobs left vacated globally by 2021. So, the cybersecurity occupation hit a 0% unemployment rate. A 0% cybersecurity unemployment rate is not as good as it seems. More open cyber jobs than available candidates prompt hiring managers to take some time to consider their recruiting strategies to draw suitable candidates.

The cybersecurity industry needs experts and analysts to execute and examine cyber solution frameworks. It also requires more DevSecOps experts to reinforce CI/CD pipeline security. Furthermore, the most disturbing lack in this industry is more attackers than security engineers, researchers, and leaders.


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A Silver Lining in The Precarious Job Market

Undoubtedly, the last year has experienced one of the worst times in terms of job security. The domino effect is still experiential in the current year. However, there is a silver lining, too. For folks who are seeking employment in the field of cybersecurity, the plethora of doors is open. The area of cybersecurity offers multiple ways for career growth to those who are enthusiastic, experienced, and skilled. The remarkable thing is that it creates jobs with a lucrative pay scale, a sense of career security, and job assurance.

For instance, U.S. News and World Report positioned the information security analysis profession 8th out of 100 best careers last year. They expressed that the growth rate of this profession was 36.5% through 2022.

Cybersecurity Professional Careers Face Unrealistic Guidelines

Nowadays, technology swiftly updates, and cyber threats constantly shift. It entails the need to have flexibility in the search. Regrettably, people who do not work in the field often write job descriptions. Following the basic template, they sometimes underestimate or other times overestimate the real needs of the position. So, it turns out many times that actual duties do not match the job descriptions.

More importantly, there is also an attitude to neglect talent who fails to check off all the right boxes. In reality, everyone knows who has ever attended a security conference that how uniform the demographic is. Many of the people go through the same ladder to acquire a job.

How to Dig Out the Right Future Cybersecurity Professional

An efficient way to find out a competent candidate is to create a company-wide security team. Pick up one or two representatives from each department and put them in the team. Working with department heads can help you get close to the one satisfying your criteria. You will more likely see that the right candidate is someone capable of explaining security issues to co-employees. Assuredly, your candidate would have a good hand at computer technology.

Regular meetings of the team will make you learn more about the candidate. Ultimately, you will encounter the one possessing the right attributes. It includes strategic thinking, passion, and creativity needed to comprehend the mind of a threat actor. A cybersecurity culture will also form as a result of putting together a security team. As a cherry at the top, every employee will become more cyber aware and become a part to shield corporate assets from threats.


Unquestionably, the cyber skills gap is not going to hide in the corner. Even if the industry succeeds in filling each job vacancy, the crises of security skills will continue to exist. However, discovering the talent already present in the house can help diminish unfilled entry-level positions in your company.


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