David Chlapowski

Clients Advisory Board Member


David Chlapowski - Clients Advisory Board Member

David “Chappy” Chlapowski is a serial entrepreneur, trusted adviser and go-to-market socializer of emerging technologies. Chappy has helped launch an enterprise presence for several companies in the software space, and helped to create new product categories for the companies he’s been involve din. He was Employee number 18 at ExtraHop and helped launch a packet capture and monitoring solution at SolarfFlare (aquired by Xilinx).

Having worked for industry leaders like NetScout, ExtraHop, and BigSwitch, Chappy has extensive knowledge of Digital Forensic Analysis and investigations, Application Performance Management, and Network Performance Management, as well as back-bone data infrastructure. Chappy is a member of HTCIA (High Tech Crime Investigation Association) and InfraGard.

In addition to being on the board of advisors for LIFARS, Chappy is on the Board of Advisors for Krystallize Software (cloud analytics), Mentis Software (sensitive data management) and TrapX (security deception), as well as a number of other emerging companies in the Security and Monitoring space. He has acted as an advisor to the VC community and to members of the board of directors of the technology companies that he influences. Chappy is currently the go-to-market specialist at MyAlly, an innovative disrupter in the Human Capital space.

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