Nmap Commands Cheat Sheet

Nmap Commands Cheat Sheet

Nmap or Network Mapper is a popular security scanning tool used for discovering hosts and computers in certain networks and building map of them. Formerly a Linux-only tool, Nmap is now available on Windows, Solaris BSD variants and other systems.

Nmap Features

Nmap is a complex tool that can help with research of networks and investigation.  All of its features are extensible by advanced scripts for vulnerability and service detection. Additionally, the tool is able to adopt latency or congestion during a scan.

Most popular features:

  • System detection
  • Host discovery
  • Port scanning
  • Version detection
  • Reverse DNS names detection

Nmap Usage

  • Security Auditing – Device, Firewall, Network connections
  • Vulnerability Detection – Open ports, Potential entry points
  • Network Auditing – Inventory, Asset management, Mapping, Maintenance, Response time and analysis

Cheat Sheet Overview

In this Network Mapper (Nmap) commands PDF cheat sheet, LIFARS presents tips on how to work with certain elements of this tool, including:

  • Scan types reference
  • Output reference
  • Timing options
  • Scipting engine
  • Other commands