[White Paper] Why Should You Care About Streamlining Security Processes?

Learn the benefits of streamlining your organization’s security processes and implementing an incident response team.

Why You Need A Security Plan 

While there are an increasing number of security incidents of various types, no individual or industry is immune to an attack. Every industry has business and legal obligations to combat cyber intruders in order to mitigate data loss and business disruption, however, very few take the proper steps.

As a result, the major question before business leaders, CISOs, Security Analysts, SOC Managers, Security Directors and IR teams is not– 
“How do we prevent security intrusions?” But rather,
How do we effectively detect, encapsulate, and resolve cyberattacks?”

Additionally, detection time and resolution are often measured in months, providing cybercriminals with plenty of opportunity for network exploration, data theft, and even destruction of critical information that can cripple operations or destroy an organization’s reputation. Read this detailed White paper with LIFARS’ partner Cybersponse to learn more about what you should know about setting up a cybersecurity plan for your business.

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