Tabletop Exercises with LIFARS Incident Response Team

CYBERSECURITY INCIDENT RESPONSE TABLETOPA cyber attack can be devastating, often resulting in the loss of revenue, interrupted business continuity and significant damages to both brand reputation and corporate morale. It is critical for financial institutions to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity – understanding the full threat landscape and preparing all departments and internal stakeholders to react quickly and work together when an incident occurs.
The Incident Response Tabletop is a full-day, hands-on workshop run by a panel of leading cybersecurity experts representing key stakeholders across the entire organization. Tabletop participants will work through customized, real-life cybersecurity scenarios and learn best practices for every angle of cyber attack response including forensics, legal, technical and corporate communications, including:

  • Analysis: analyzing overall organizational cybersecurity posture and preparedness.
  • Testing: drilling and polishing internal security response procedures.
  • Best Practices: providing expert insight into Incident Response best practices based on first-hand, expert experience across the threat landscape.
  • Hands-on Instruction: Gathering individual crisis teams for mock-incident scenarios to put cyber attack response plans to the test.

In his session, Ondrej will lead key stakeholders in understanding:

  • How to assess and respond to an incident in a fast and efficient manner while a data and forensics examination is in its most critical state.
  • Addressing concerns of c-level, executives and enterprise management – providing actionable information to strategize a decision process.
  • Utilization of forensic technologies consumed in IR engagements, deployment of an emergency response team and a detailed overview of the evolving threat landscape,
  • Technical digital forensics sessions that will present challenges and work products of forensics investigators.
  • How to understand attackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), initial vector and indicators of a compromise and volatile data preservation and its role in crisis investigation and remediation