Phishing Attack White Paper

Phishing Attack White Paper

Phishing Attack White Paper by LIFARS

Phishing Attack has become a common occurrence, targeting both individuals and companies. Due to the human factor, phishing is one of the most common security challenges, and a main ingredient of the most successful data breaches. 

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The latest phishing statistics and techniques
  • The most recent phishing types, including Form W-2 Email Phishing, Business Email Compromise Phishing, and Cloud Service Phishing
  • Tips and controls that will help you prevent a phishing scam

Contributing Author:
Israel Bryski, Global Head of Information Security at Eton Park Capital Management and Co-Founder of the Alternative Investor Council (AIC)

Phishing attacks are one of the most common tactics used by cyber criminals to successfully compromise and breach a system. However, there are steps that you can take to determine the vulnerability of your organization. 

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