Gaspare Marturano

Chief Product Officer

Gaspare serves as the Chief Product Officer @ LIFARS. He is a digital marketing and social media industry speaker, author of SocializeWith.Me or Someone Else Will and World Coast Guards: Global Sea Guardians. 

His business experience spans over thirty years, working with a combination of mid to large size businesses and technology start-ups. At 19 he started his first company Magus Technologies which was acquired by SIRS, Inc, his second business, TSC Internet, was acquired by HoffSys. Gaspare’s third venture, The Maritime Network was acquired by New Wave Media.  He is a certified Firearms Instructor, Gunsmith and holds a Criminal Law and Procedure Career Certificate, covering criminal law procedure, elements of various crimes including homicides, criminal defense, preparing for a criminal trial, sentencing, and other criminal law issues.

At 17, Gaspare joined the US Air Force and has served as a United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs National Staff Officer, Staff Officer  Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, and a Certified Vessel Examiner. He currently serves the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Police Department Auxiliary Mission and is a Special Project Task Force member of the USCG Investigations Division. 

He holds various certifications/certificates from the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, the United States Coast Guard, and Auxiliary (listed below). He has received The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Commandant’s Letter of Commendation Medal. The Commandant’s Letter of Commendation is the highest personal award of the United States Coast Guard, which is earned through operational and field condition achievements for an act of service resulting in unusual and outstanding service.

“One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s engineering redundancy.” – Marcus J. Ranum


  • Advisory Board Member of Lucky Nutrition, LLC.
  • Advisory Board Member of Kyle Media, Inc.
  • Former Board Member of the Marine Marketers of America.
  • Former Zoning Board Member Town of Brookfield, Connecticut.

Certificates & Certifications

Department of Defense  

  • Cyber Awareness Training 

DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency

  • ICS Cybersecurity Risk 210W-05
  • Attack Methodologies in IT and ICS 210W-09

Department of Homeland Security 

  • Surveillance Awareness IS-00914 
  • Emergency Management Preparedness Fundamentals IS-00910.a 
  • An Introduction to NET Guard IS-00720 
  • Emergency Planning IS-00235.b 
  • Leadership and Influence IS-00240.a 
  • Military Resources in Emergency Management IS-75 
  • National Incident Management System IS-00700.a 
  • National Response Framework IS-00800.b 
  • Privacy: Protecting Personal Information 
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats IS-00915 
  • Social Media in Emergency Management IS-00042 
  • Continuity of Operations Awareness Course IS-546.A 
  • Critical Infrastructure Security: Theft and Diversion – IS-00916 
  • DHS Emergency Preparedness 
  • Effective Communication IS-00242.a 
  • ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incident ICS-200 
  • Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams IS-317 
  • Introduction to Incident Command System ICS-100 
  • Introduction to Interagency Security Committee (ISC) IS-00890.a 
  • Anthrax Awareness IS-451 
  • Basic Workplace Security Awareness IS-00906 
  • Community Preparedness Implementing Simple Activities IS-00909 

Nationwide (SAR) Initiative (NSI)  

  • Line Officer Training 

New Mexico Tech 

  • Understanding & Planning for School Bomb Incidents 
  • ProFirstAid Adult/Child CPR & First Aid 

United States Coast Guard 

  • DHS Information Sharing Environment (ISE) 
  • Ethics Training 
  • Incident Command System (ICS 210) 
  • Mentoring and Professional Development 
  • Security Education and Training Awareness 
  • Team Coordination Training (TCT)