Welcome to the LIFARS Partner Portal!

We are thrilled to have you as a partner, and we would like to work with you on demand generation leading to sales! Below are some ideas on how we can work together, but we are always open to new ideas. Our goal is to create an engaging ecosystem with our prospects, offering them value with every touch point. To keep the interaction going, we would like to work with you to have at least a touch point to your audience every other month and at least one bigger event every quarter. Let’s work together on a strategy that fits your needs, and drives sales.

Incident Response Retainer and IR Readiness for building cyber resilience and mitigate data breach impact, contain malware and data breach response.

Joint Brochures

Custom joint brochures can be created to market and sell our services. The value proposition clearly stated with unique market positioning, surrounded by our joint brands to communicate the quality and reputation of our brands. These brochures can then be used by sales as well as in other marketing channels.

Cybersecurity Intelligence Briefing for incident response and digital forensics matters with nation states and criminal threat actors


Marketing that offers value has the highest reception rate. LIFARS provides unique insights, experiences, and thought leadership-based content. Pick a topic provided, or lets us know, and we’ll write the content. Specific topics can promote various services and be used in formats like mailers. If there is not enough space in a newsletter, a hyperlink to our website or yours can provide full access.

messaging social media-US, UK Governments Call for Mandatory Backdoors in Encrypted MessagingUS, UK Governments Call for Mandatory Backdoors in Encrypted Messaging

Social Media

Let’s cross pollinate each other’s relevant content and successes!

Digital Forensics


Whether sponsored or self-produced, events are a great way to brand, position, and sell. Events are also a great way to nurture and develop relationships with customers, prospects, and key influencers.

  • Joint Sponsored Events:
  • If you are looking for a partner to co-sponsor an event with you, reach out and give us the details. Contact us.

  • Jointly Produced Events:
  • Together we can produce events from small intimate dinners to customized content driven agendas.

  • Executive Dinners, Roundtables, Experiences

  • Cybersecurity Intelligence Briefings

Webinars & Videos

Content driven webinars provide valuable information. The video production also creates useful content that can be reused and viewed on demand at any time. It is also useful to build out other channels.


Newsletters are a great way to keep your audience engaged and informed. Check out our content section for articles you can feature to keep your audience abreast with latest developments in cybersecurity and how to increase their cyber resiliency. We also feature interviews with select partners and industry pioneers. Let us know if you or one of your clients would like to be featured. Contact us.


Direct email can inform your audience of new products and services. Let’s work together on an outreach piece to educate our joint audience on how to increase their cyber resiliency.

LIFARS Brochures

LIFARS has a variety of services from incident response to services to increase cyber resiliency, as well as custom subscription services to effectively supplement talent and expertise gaps. The brochures listed explain the services. Feel free to print, send, and share with prospects.

  • LIFARS Overview

  • Liberty Managed Security Services

  • Incident Response

  • Incident Response Retainer

  • Penetration Testing

  • Threat Hunting & Remediation

  • Ransomware Advisory

For more information contact at contact@lifars.com.