Ransomware Protection Package

Developing an effective response capability to ransomware requires taking specific steps for prevention, preparation, detection, verification, containment, eradication, and recovery. With LIFARS Ransomware Response Package, you will have the tools, processes, and team at your disposal to stand ready for even the most devious ransomware attack.

Ransomware Protection Package

What's the problem?

A cyber-attack can strike your organization when you least expect it. Planning and preparation reduce the probability and damage caused by a ransomware attack. This Ransomware Response Package ensures you are ready when you need it the most. Quick action to contain and control the attack is critical to minimize damage and recovery costs.

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The Package Includes 6 Services:


1. Ransomware Readiness Assessment

LIFARS’s experts assess your ransomware response readiness, to fully understand your technology, people, processes, and possible weak spots that could negatively affect the response.

2. Technical Security Audit

LIFARS will evaluate the following to see how well you stack up against RW attacks

  • Security architecture
  • Operating systems
  • Active Directory
  • Network devices
  • Security devices
  • Information system

3. Detection, and Response

  • LIFARS CSIRT is comprised of the most elite Incident Responders, Forensics Team Members, and Threat Hunters who are the extension to your Security Operations. Should you need to make a Cyber 911 emergency call or review of a advanced security alert in your environment, LIFARS CSIRT is ready to respond.

4. Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identifying security weaknesses across the internal and external infrastructure.

5. Visibility and Implementation of Recommendations

  • Implementation of EDR, SIEM, or other solutions


  • Configuration Hardening – To strengthen the resilience of your endpoints, network, and security devices.


  • Active Directory – We will design and implement group policy settings to make your infrastructure more resilient against ransomware attacks.
    • Access control
    • Accounts review and lockdown
    • Disabling non-essential services
    • Forbidding removable media
    • Restrictions on software installation
    • Password Policies
    • LAPS
    • Firewall
    • Audit Policy


  • Backups, Backups, Backups
    • Develop a backup strategy
    • Design backup architecture
    • Creation of backup policies
    • Implementation of the backup systems and policies
    • Test the completeness, security, and validity of backups


6. Ransomware Exercises and Simulation

  • LIFARS will create tailored Ransomware Scenarios based on your industry, vulnerabilities, and the threat groups you should care about. These exercises will test your organization’s readiness to respond quickly and your ability to follow your Incident Response Playbook.
  • LIFARS Offensive Security Department will also simulate real-life attacks against your blue team in a live-fire RedTeam Exercise. Who will win first?



  • We provide proprietary IOC’s and TTPs not available to your SOC.
  • Enhancement of your security team’s capabilities to get more value from your existing SOC.
  • Provide response to address your high and critical security alerts from our experienced forensics experts and incident response teams.
  • Optimized visibility into the nature of your alerts within the network.
  • Greater visibility into your network and pattern of threats you face, we can provide valuable insights on ways to improve your overall security posture.