Facebook Will Now Warn Users of State-Sponsored Attacks

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Security by Design
Security is the responsibility of the entire organization including employees and third parties. It should be part of an organization’s DNA with every action having a security consideration.

WD Self-Encrypting Hard Drives Have Data-Exposing Flaws
Popular Western Digital external hard drives that have an added feature of hardware-based encryption have been discovered to have critical security flaws that allow snoopers and attackers to gain access and recover data without the hard drive owner’s password.

Let’s Encrypt’s Free HTTPS Certificates Take a Leap Forward
Non-profit company, Let’s Encrypt, has announced that its free HTTPS certificates are now trusted by all major browsers, making a significant step forward to helping with total HTTPS encryption on all websites on the internet who wouldn’t have to pay for an added layer of protection via encryption.

Facebook Will Now Warn Users of State-Sponsored Attacks
Social network giant Facebook will now warn users if their accounts have been targeted or compromised by attackers sponsored by a nation-state.

Dow Jones Hacked By Russian Hackers: Report
A group of Russian hackers have successfully hacked servers of Dow Jones, the parent company and owner of Wall Street and other news publications. The motive behind the hack according to investigations so far was to seek trading tips.

Verizon & AT&T Android Devices Vulnerable Due to LTE Flaw
A Long Term Evolution (LTE) (also known as 4G) flaw leaves devices on all versions running Android on Verizon Wireless and AT&T vulnerable to “several issues,” according to an independent advisory posted by the Carnegie Mellon University CERT database.

A New Zero-Day Affects All Versions of Flash
Adobe has released a new security advisory stating a fix is due for a vulnerability deemed critical by most researchers. The vulnerability affects all versions of Adobe’s Flash player and comes just a day after Adobe’s monthly security update.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

Want Some Nuclear Power Plant 'Zero-Day' Vulnerabilities? Yours For Just $8,000
How much would a government be willing to pay for hacking tools designed to exploit the systems that control oil, gas and water plants? In many cases, they needn’t pay much at all.

IBM Runs World’s Worst Spam-Hosting ISP?
According to anti-spam activists, the title of the Internet’s most spam-friendly provider recently has passed to networks managed by IBM — one of the more recognizable and trusted names in technology and security.

Credit Unions Prep to Leverage the IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT), which revolves around machine-to-machine communication, embedded sensors, the cloud and millions of connected objects, could bolster member engagement for credit unions but also create security, privacy and system concerns.

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