Meet The Mystery Vigilantes Who Created 'Malware' To Secure 10,000 Routers

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Stolen T-Mobile Customer Data for Sale on the Dark Web
An Irish security firm has noticed vast amounts of user data sold on the dark web, alleging that is likely the same data breached from Experian’s server belonging to nearly 15 million T-Mobile customers.

Scottrade Breach Affects 4.6 Million Customers
Discount brokerage firm Scottrade has revealed a breach from 2013-14 that has potentially compromised personal information including contact details and possibly Social Security numbers of some 4.6 million customers.

Stagefright Is Back to Render over a Billion Android Devices Vulnerable
A new batch of Stagefright bugs that grants attackers the means to execute malicious code that leaves over a billion Android devices vulnerable has been discovered in recent versions of the Android operating system by researchers.

Cloud Security: Mitigating Corporate Transformation
Today, with cloud services a foundational aspect of business, the firewall perimeter method has become insufficient. As soon as IT teams connect multiple resources, cloud instances and devices, the line between internal networks and the outside world – more specifically, the cloud – will be blurred to the point of obscurity. Let’s explore three major perimeter expanding scenarios and then address some security enhancement and risk mitigation strategies.

It’s #2FactorTuesday. It’s Time to Embrace Security
If you haven’t already enabled two-factor or two-step verification on your multitude of social, personal and business accounts in cyberspace, you’re doing it wrong.

Outlook Web Application Breach Steals 11,000 Corporate Passwords
Security researchers have discovered an advanced backdoor malware operating in the wild targeting organizations using Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) to steal e-mail passwords and credentials.

Digital Security Posture – A Competitive Advantage
Cybersecurity is a strategy of defense. No offense. No victories. No celebration. Progress is measured by reducing or eliminating exploits (to the best of one’s knowledge) and having resiliency over time. However, the battle is becoming more complex on many fronts.

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Meet The Mystery Vigilantes Who Created 'Malware' To Secure 10,000 Routers
A group of do-gooder hackers calling themselves The White Team have taken responsibility for a large peer-to-peer botnet that compromised more than 10,000 routers to improve the security of the devices, and have explained to FORBES some of their future plans to fix more broken machines.

What’s in a Boarding Pass Barcode? A Lot
The next time you’re thinking of throwing away a used boarding pass with a barcode on it, consider tossing the boarding pass into a document shredder instead. Two-dimensional barcodes and QR codes can hold a great deal of information, and the codes printed on airline boarding passes may allow someone to discover more about you, your future travel plans, and your frequent flyer account.

7 Scary DDoS Attack Trends
A new report on Distributed Denial of Service attacks revealed some frightening trends, including targeted assaults that distract IT departments while malware opens the door to data breaches and monetary theft.

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