Looking for Employment? Don’t Find Yourself a Victim of Identity Theft

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Looking for Employment? Don’t Find Yourself a Victim of Identity Theft
Employment seekers beware: crooks are looking for your identity and don’t have far to go. Many disguise themselves as Job Brokers or Placement Agencies and even have websites to trick you into uploading your resume and entering detailed contact information.

Cybercriminal Gang Targets Encrypted Email Providers
Private email providers offering enhanced encryption have been at the receiving end of crippling DDoS attacks lately and it has been revealed that the extortionist cybercriminal group behind the strikes are called the Armada Collective.

Microsoft Invests Big Money in Cybersecurity
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that the software giant spends upwards of $1 billion every year in security research and development.

Cybersecurity Crisis Communications: Having a Plan is the Best Plan
Most companies, and poeople within them, live in a denail that they will not be the next target. The reality, however, points to the dark truth: it will happen sooner or later. Being prepared beforehand is the only way to address the issue when it does arise.

Amazon Switches on Two-Factor Authentication
Some might say “it’s about time” and they may be right. The world’s biggest online retailer has just upgraded its basic security for millions of Amazon customers by enabling two-factor authentication.

Techniques of Malware That Struck Sony Pictures Revealed
An independent security firm has revealed the sophisticated techniques of the infamous Destover malware, widely known as the Trojan that affected Sony Entertainment’s network and computers.

ProtonMail Is Back after a Week of DDoS Attacks
Encrypted email service provider ProtonMail is back after a week of relentless crippling DDoS attacks that crippled the Switzerland-based company with speeds of over 100Gbps.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

Both FBI And Carnegie Mellon Are Now Denying 'Accuracy' Of $1 Million Tor Surveillance Payment
Last week the director of the Tor Project, Roger Dingledine, made a bold but unsubstantiated claim that users of the Tor anonymizing network were unmasked in the first half of 2014 by a technique supplied to the FBI by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers. Both have now labelled those claims inaccurate and it appears CMU submitted to a subpoena, though it isn’t admitting to anything.

Paris Terror Attacks Stoke Encryption Debate
U.S. state and federal law enforcement officials appear poised to tap into public concern over the terror attacks in France last week to garner support for proposals that would fundamentally weaken the security of encryption technology used by U.S. corporations and citizens.

4 Top Holiday Season Scams
Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the beginning of holiday shopping season – as well as holiday fraud season. With many consumers spending more than usual this time of year, cybercriminals will no doubt try to take advantage of them through scams such as phishing emails, quick money schemes and bogus gift cards. Make sure you do not fall victim to them.

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Cybersecurity While Traveling

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