Buy Kids iPhones And Kill Connected Toys

Here is the weekly roundup :

Chinese Cybercriminal Gang Use Dropbox To Target Media Companies
An APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) gang originating from China that are allegedly responsible for attacks targeting foreign governments and ministries are now focusing their efforts at several Hong Kong-based media companies while using Dropbox, according to an independent security firm.

China Claims to Have Arrested OPM Hackers
The Chinese government has arrested a number of hackers that were related to the breach of the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) database this year, according to reports.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology Hacked, China Blamed
Australian media is reporting a major cyber-attack against Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology that is likely to have compromised sensitive security information. China is being blamed for the attack.

Blackberry Refuses to Give in to Pakistan’s Backdoor Request
Phone manufacturer Blackberry is withdrawing from the Pakistani market entirely after refusing to give in to the demand of backdoor access by the nation’s government. The request was to install a backdoor access to the company’s enterprise products.

Backdoor Found in 600,000 Cable Routers
A security researcher in Brazil has discovered a ‘backdoor within a backdoor’ vulnerability present in Arris cable modems that can potentially grant an attacker the ability to tinker with and rewrite the modem’s firmware.

Microsoft Turns up Security for Enterprise Systems
Computing giant Microsoft is reigning in new security measures for enterprises to nullify the threat of adware that often comes packaged in the installers of free software.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

Buy Kids iPhones And Kill Connected Toys -- Hacker Advice To Parents After Awful VTech Breach
Security experts who’ve overseen hacks of digital dollies and toy tanks in the last year have some simple advice for parents: buy kids’ devices with decent data protection mechanisms such as the Apple iPhone and avoid connected toys until manufacturers have proven themselves trustworthy when it comes to security.

OPM Breach: Credit Monitoring vs. Freeze
Many readers wrote in this past week to say they’d finally been officially notified that their fingerprints, background checks, Social Security numbers, and other sensitive information was jeopardized in the massive data breach discovered this year at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Almost as many complained that the OPM’s response — the offering of free credit monitoring services for up to three years — won’t work if readers have taken my advice and enacted a “security freeze” on one’s credit file with the major credit bureaus. This post is an attempt to explain what’s going on here.

OPM Struggles With Security Compliance
Despite making some security improvements, the Office of Personnel Management is still struggling to comply with recommendations that the Inspector General's office has made repeatedly – making it vulnerable to another breach.

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Fending off cyber extortion can be difficult

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