Hacker Allegedly Dumps Data of 9,000 DHS Employees

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Hacker Allegedly Dumps Data of 9,000 DHS Employees
A hacker has claimed that he has dumped the details of some 9,000 Department of Homeland Security employees. The United States governments now has another security breach to deal with.

AnonSec Hackers Allegedly Breach NASA
A huge data dump has been released by hacker group AnonSec following several months of a prolonged hacking endeavor which also saw the group attempt to bring down a $222 million drone into the Pacific ocean, allegedly.

eBay Isn’t Fixing a Serious Security Vulnerability
Popular shopping website and online auction house eBay is facing a controversy after revealing that it has no intention to fix a serious security vulnerability. If exploited, the vulnerability allows cyber criminals to target and distributed phishing and malware campaigns.

Brute-Force Attacks Affects Millions of Alibaba Accounts
A brute-force attack on TaoBao, an ecommerce site by Alibaba may have compromised up to 21 million user accounts.

Obama Seeks Increased Funding Against Cyber Threats
On Tuesday, President Barack Obama sought an increase in funding to directly counter and combat security threats, following a warning by his top intelligence official. The warning noted that computer attacks are among the most imminent security challenges United States is currently facing.

Microsoft Hastens to Patch Critical Vulnerabilities
In a new security bulletin on the Windows-centric ‘Patch Tuesday’, Microsoft has revealed that all versions of Windows from Windows Vista and later contain a serious flaw that requires an immediate patch. The patch is to prevent a flaw in the way the operating system handles certain files.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

Vigilante Hackers Fight Lizard Squad For Control Of 150,000 Home Routers
Home routers with little to no security are far too common. They’re dangerous from a number of perspectives: as peeping holes for spying on people’s daily web use, for filtering stolen files and for launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, where the power of combined compromised machines is used to flood target websites with traffic, thereby knocking them offline.

IoT Reality: Smart Devices, Dumb Defaults
Before purchasing an “Internet of things” (IoT) device — a thermostat, camera or appliance made to be remotely accessed and/or controlled over the Internet — consider whether you can realistically care for and feed the security needs of yet another IoT thing.

Wendy’s Discovers POS System Malware
The fast food giant Wendy’s is slowly releasing details about its investigation into possible credit card fraud at East Coast and Midwest restaurant locations, while financial institutions and consumers continue to express growing frustration over merchant breaches.

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