Toymaker VTech Waves Away Security Responsibilities After Major Breach

Here is the weekly roundup :

Hackers Encrypt Hollywood Hospital’s Systems with Ransomware
For nearly a week, the computer systems at Hollywood Presbyterian Memorial Medical Center have been crippled by the work of malicious hackers who are seeking a ransom in exchange for restoring the hospital’s systems.

Russian Cyberespionage Group Uses Linux Trojan
A Russian cyberespionage group known as Pawn Storm have been targeting and infecting Linux systems with a simple yet effective Trojan program that does not require highly privileged access.

Toymaker VTech Waves Away Security Responsibilities After Major Breach
Following a comprehensive breach that saw the details of nearly 6.3 million kids stolen, internet-connected toymaker VTech has now revealed a clause in its Terms and Conditions that allows the toymaker to brush away any responsibility in the event of a future breach.

The IRS Successfully Stops Hackers
The IRS has revealed that it successfully denied hackers who attempted to steal taxpayers’ electronic filing PINs. In the lead-up to tax season, the attack is the latest attempt to steal taxpayer data. While the IRS has previously been breached, the service has successfully kept hackers at bay this time around.

Instagram Adds Two-Factor Authentication
It’s a long over due move but it’s better late than never. Social network Instagram has confirmed that it will be adding two-factor authentication as a security measure to keep millions of user accounts away from the hands of malicious hackers.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

300,000 American Homes Open To Hacks Of 'Unfixable' SimpliSafe Alarm
“There is something terribly wrong with the alarm industry.” Thus reads marketing material on the site of SimpliSafe, a Boston-based “smart” alarm provider with more than 300,000 customers in the US. It’s been on a mission to improve home security since it formed in 2006 by using cellular technology to warn customers via their smartphone if someone has broken in, whilst allowing them to control alarms from afar. Ironically, their systems are vulnerable as well.

The Great EMV Fake-Out: No Chip For You!
Many banks are now issuing customers more secure chip-based credit cards, and most retailers now have card terminals in their checkout lanes that can handle the “dip” of chip-card transactions (as opposed to the usual swipe of the card’s magnetic stripe). But comparatively few retailers actually allow chip transactions: Most are still asking customers to swipe the stripe instead of dip the chip. This post will examine what’s going on here, why so many merchants are holding out on the dip, and where this all leaves consumers.

Dridex Malware Infections Rise: Symantec
Built to collect victims’ banking credentials, Dridex is now one of the most dangerous pieces of financial malware in circulation, according a new Symantec whitepaper.

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Brigitte Volochinsky on HIPAA

Brigitte Volochinsky, Esq., CHPC is a healthcare attorney licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey. In this Q&A, Brigitte dives into HIPAA and data breaches in the healthcare industry.

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