New York Times Targeted with Cyberattacks from Russian Hackers

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New York Times Targeted with Cyberattacks from Russian Hackers
In a report, the New York Times has stated that its Moscow bureau was the target of an attempted cyberattack this month, without revealing the specific date of the incident. The publication also believes that the hackers are believed to be of Russian origin.

Holiday P2P Platforms Targeted by CyberCriminals
A report has revealed that peer-to-peer (P2P) media platforms related to holiday media have seen a soaring spike in fraudulent activity ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

PayPal Patches Two-Factor Authentication Vulnerability
PayPal has patched a vulnerability that allowed an attacker to bypass the website’s two-factor authentication procedure on its portal online. A 2FA bypass vulnerability that was discovered in the official PayPal website web-application is now patched by the payment processor.

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Shadow Brokers Leak Just Revealed How The NSA Broke American-Made Encryption
Though documents indicated the NSA was more than capable of breaking VPN encryption, the BENIGNCERTAIN leak has provided the first evidence of just how the agency could do it.

United Airlines Sets Minimum Bar on Security
United Airlines has rolled out a series of updates to its Web site that the company claims will help beef up the security of customer accounts. But at first glance, the core changes — moving from a 4-digit PINs to password and requiring customers to pick five different security questions and answers.

Rio Olympics 2016: How Hackers Are Still Using The Games to Scam Businesses
The Olympics may be over, but hackers are still going for the gold—your personal information and money. Business leaders who attended the games or watched from home remain at risk of phishing, ransomware, and other attacks, as cybercriminals leverage the popularity of the games to try and steal information. Here's how to stay safe.

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