Bangladesh Bank: Hackers Tried to Steal $951 Million from US Fed Account

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Malvertising Campaign Affects MSN, NY Times, Among Others
A large number of major news websites have seen their advertisements hijacked by a malicious Angler campaign that installs malware ransomware on users’ computers, security researchers revealed.

Chinese Man in Philippines Makes Millions from Cyber Heist
An ethnic Chinese man in Manila, Philippines is said to have gathered over $30 million of the money that hackers stole in one of the biggest cyber heists of all time when the Bangladesh central bank’s account at the New York Fed was hacked recently.

Bangladesh Bank: Hackers Tried to Steal $951 Million from US Fed Account
Bangladesh’s central bank has revealed that cyber criminals had tried to withdraw nearly a billion dollars from its account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to casinos in the Philippines.

US Plans to Blame Iranian Hackers for NY Dam Cyber Attack
According to a report, the US Justice Department is working on an indictment for hackers based in Iran who attempted to gain access to operational controls for the Bowman Avenue Dam in New York in 2013.

LastPass Launches 2-Factor Authentication App
Password manager LastPass has revealed its new two-factor authentication (2FA) application that helps LastPass users with an added layer of security while accessing their password vault and hundreds of major websites which have 2FA enabled.

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Ex-NSA Hackers Explain -- Why You Do And Don't Want The NSA To Help FBI Crack iPhones
In its ongoing tussle with the FBI, Apple continues to indicate the NSA could help police agents crack into the iPhone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook.

Thieves Phish Moneytree Employee Tax Data
Payday lending firm Moneytree is the latest company to alert current and former employees that their tax data — including Social Security numbers, salary and address information — was accidentally handed over directly to scam artists.

Dwolla Action Opens New Territory for CFPB
Legal experts said they believe the CFPB's action against online payment provider Dwolla – its first action related to data security – could lead to considerable ramifications going forward. The CFPB targeted Dwolla March 2 for deceiving consumers about its data security practices and the safety of its online payment system.

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