Petya Ransomware Corrupts Windows’ Boot Record

Here is the weekly roundup :

MedStar Health Hit with Ransomware Attack
MedStar Health, a non-profit organization that runs multiple hospitals was struck with a ransomware attack.

Cybercriminals Are Using Microsoft PowerShell to Create Ransomware
Cybercriminals are now targeting healthcare firms, enterprises and even hospitals to launch attacks with a strain of ransomware created using Microsoft’s PowerShell scripting language used for system administration.

FBI Puts out Ransomware Alert Seeking Help from Companies, Researchers
The FBI has put out an alert seeking help from businesses and security experts for emergency assistance in a ransomware investigation. The ransomware virus is a new strain called MSIL/Samas.A.

Petya Ransomware Corrupts Windows’ Boot Record
A new strain of malware that is found in the wild and is using methods of dispersal such as Dropbox and email has the means to lock Windows users out of their computers completely.

Other News:

Verizon’s Incident Response Division is Breached
Verizon’s B2B unit, Verizon Enterprise Solutions was hit by hackers. The breach saw over 1.5 million customers’ data stolen from a unit of Verizon that provides cybersecurity solutions and consulting to a majority of the Fortune 500 companies.

Linux Distribution for Forensic Investigations? MantOS Delivers
Download our new Incident Response and Digital Forensics Linux distribution - MantOS - completely free of charge and let us know your thoughts. MantOS is a newly release free open-source project by LIFARS.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web:

Warrant Let L.A. Cops Force Open Apple iPhone With Owner's Fingerprints
It’s been a year and a half since an American judge declared it legal to use criminal suspects’ fingerprints to open up smartphones. In a landmark 2014 decision, a Virginia Beach Circuit Court ruled that David Charles Baust, accused of strangling his girlfriend and later found not guilty, could not be forced into handing over the passcode for his iPhone. But he could be compelled to supply his biometric information used to unlock the device.

Phishing Victims Muddle Tax Fraud Fight
Many U.S. citizens are bound to experience delays in getting their tax returns processed this year, thanks largely to more stringent controls enacted by Uncle Sam and the states to block fraudulent tax refund requests filed by identity thieves. A steady drip of corporate data breaches involving phished employee W-2 information is adding to the backlog, as is an apparent mass adoption by ID thieves of professional tax services for processing large numbers of phony refund requests.

Locky Ransomware Infecting 90,000 Systems Daily
Despite unprecedented improvements in securing information during fiscal year 2015, federal agencies remain precariously behind, according to the annual cybersecurity compliance report released by the Office of Management and Budget.

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