Hacking Marketplace Nulled.IO Hacked

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Hacking Marketplace Nulled.IO Hacked
The email addresses, private messages, IPs and password data of some 500,000 members of a hacker forum that essentially served as a marketplace of compromised passwords, stolen bitcoins, and other data has been leaked.

Sony Breach from 2014 Linked to Bangladesh Bank Cyber Heist
Investigators looking into the Bangladesh bank cyber heist have revealed that the evidence of a specific malware discovered in the attack has the “same unique characteristics” as malware found in the infamous Sony studios breach from 2014.

Lucrative Business: Hacking the Stock Market
A 28 year old hacker from Ukraine pleaded guilty to a $30 mil. scheme involving hacking & stealing unreleased press releases, and using the obtained information to make illegal trades. Over 30 others were involved in the scheme and are now facing criminal charges.

Is Mobile Security on Your Radar?
As the entire world moves towards mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) surges the enterprise, mobile application security has become crucial for businesses of all sizes across the industry. After all, these devices are the gateway not just to our personal lives, but to our corporate brand integrity as well; and compromised security could spell a major disaster.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web

LinkedIn Resets Passwords As 117M Logins For Sale On Dark Web
LinkedIn has confirmed a significant breach from 2012 was worse than first thought, with the number of leaked usernames and passwords rising from 6.5 million to a purported 117 million.

Carding Sites Turn to the ‘Dark Cloud’
Crooks who peddle stolen credit cards on the Internet face a constant challenge: Keeping their shops online and reachable in the face of meddling from law enforcement officials, security firms, researchers and vigilantes. In this post, we’ll examine a large collection of hacked computers around the world that currently serves as a criminal cloud hosting environment for a variety of cybercrime operations, from sending spam to hosting malicious software and stolen credit card shops.

FDIC, Wendy's Delay Breach Notifications
Recent disclosures by the FDIC and Wendy’s following breach incidents underscore the protracted nature of detection and post-breach notifications. States in the U.S. and the European Union hope to shorten that timeline.

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