Nearly Half a BILLION Passwords Stolen in MySpace Breach

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65 Million Email Credentials Stolen from Tumblr Breach
While Tumblr admitted that it had only recently discovered a 2013 data breach affecting a particular “set” of users’ credentials, it did not reveal the number of users affected. That secret is now out.

Reddit Resets over 100,000 Passwords
In an announcement issued on Thursday, Reddit has revealed that it has sent out 100,000 password reset notices to its users in the past 2 weeks.

Nearly Half a BILLION Passwords Stolen in MySpace Breach
In what could prove to be one of the biggest data breaches of all time, Time Inc., has confirmed that MySpace, the social media website that it owns, had been hacked.

117 Million LinkedIn User Credentials up for Sale
A hacker who goes by the moniker “Peace” is trying to sell LinkedIn account information of some 117 million users, including emails and passwords, on an illegal dark web marketplace.


Your Grandparents' Passwords Are Probably Stronger Than Yours
Although millennials grew up with consumer technology such as personal computers and smartphones, among others, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are adhering to good security practices when using them.

Microsoft Is Banning the Most Popular (and Least Secure) Passwords
Microsoft is cracking down on easily crack-able credentials by banning simple passwords - which are, coincidentally, the most commonly used passwords.

Interesting Reading From Around the Web

Watch As Hackers Hijack WhatsApp Accounts Via Critical Telecoms Flaws
An Israeli firm Ability Inc. claims to be able to hack any phone on the planet and demonstrates how it's able to abuse the much-publicized problems in SS7 that allow hackers to spy on users’ calls and text messages by tricking operator networks into routing connections through their own phones.

Dropbox Smeared in Week of Megabreaches
Last week, LifeLock and several other identity theft protection firms erroneously alerted their customers to a breach at cloud storage giant Dropbox.com — an incident that reportedly exposed some 73 million usernames and passwords. The only problem with that notification was that Dropbox didn’t have a breach; the data appears instead to have come from another breach revealed this week at social network Tumblr.

Security and Advisory Services Need Improvement: FIS Study
Almost seven out of 10 employees admit to sharing sensitive information outside their organization, with productivity ranking higher on employees’ priority lists than protection, according to an information security survey. Mountain View, Calif., enterprise management firm Seclore released the results of the survey, conducted at Citrix Synergy 2016, which illustrates alarming trends in enterprise security. The company polled more than 100 financial services, healthcare and manufacturing IT professionals with varying levels of experience.

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