Detroit Auto Industry’s First Bug Bounty Launched

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Chinese National Sentenced in US Prison for Hacking Charges
A Chinese businessman who faced charges of conspiring to hack Boeing and other US defense contractors’ computer systems and networks to steal military data has been sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison by a US District Court.

Detroit Auto Industry’s First Bug Bounty Launched
Fiat Chrysler has launched the first-ever bug bounty program for an automaker out of Detroit, awarding cash for security researchers and white hat hackers who find vulnerabilities in its vehicles

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Sees Twitter Account Hacked
In what is certain weigh heavy on the irony scales, the CEO of arguably the most popular microblogging platform, Twitter, had his Twitter account hacked and compromised by a hacking collective known as OurMine.

Security Software Maker Avast Acquires Competitor AVG for $1.3 Billion
Security software giant Avast and popular antivirus software maker AVG have come together in a business deal that will see the former acquire the later for $1.3 billion.

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Pokémon GO Can No Longer Grab iPhone Users' Google Data
After facing a torrent of criticism for giving itself access to customers’ Google accounts, game developer Niantic has changed the permissions on Pokémon GO for iPhone. Whereas before the company had explicitly given itself the right to delve into users’ Gmail and docs without actually notifying users, with a new release it can only see basic account information.

1,025 Wendy’s Locations Hit in Card Breach
At least 1,025 Wendy’s locations were hit by a malware-driven credit card breach that began in the fall of 2015. The announcement marks a significant expansion in a data breach that is costing banks and credit unions plenty: Previously, Wendy’s had said the breach impacted fewer than 300 locations.

Simple security: How Gmail, Mailvelope, and Virtru make encrypted email easier
How do you secure an email message sent to a person who has no interest in secure communication? One way to do it is by using encryption. Encrypting your email is a great step towards more secure communication. Gmail, Mailvelope, and Virtru can help streamline your encrypted email efforts.

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Security experts are confident foreign intelligence agencies would probe Clinton and her aides’ smartphones from the moment they landed inside foreign borders.

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