Army National Guard Suffers Data Breach

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The Multinationalism of Malware Forensics
Gone are the days when hackers only used American-made tools written only in English. Recently, native language tools and exploits started gaining momentum in the ever growing sphere of multinational cybercrime.

Study: Simple File-System Security Can Beat Ransomware
A study performed across multiple security firms, agencies, and research institutions shows that ransom Trojans and similar malware can be countered with simple file-system security.

FBI Director: Strong Encryption Will not Help Prevent Surveillance
The director of the FBI expressed concerns with tech companies’ broadening encryption, telling senators that suspects’ messages are increasingly getting harder to intercept and/or retrieve by investigators.

Army National Guard Suffers Data Breach
The Army National Guard officially announced that it suffered a data breach that might have put former and current members’ sensitive information at risk. Unlike most breaches we report about, this one was not caused by hackers.

Israeli Hacker Jailed for Hacking Madonna’s Computer
An Israeli hacker who hacked into accounts on various websites and computers belonging to Madonna and her organization was sentenced to a prison sentence today after confessing to his cyber-crimes.

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Why Cybersecurity Leadership Must Start At The Top
AIf the past year has shown us anything, it’s that companies should no longer ask if they are going to be hacked and instead when. With every company becoming digital, the pace of change is only accelerating and our ability to make the right decisions on cybersecurity needs to move even faster.

The Darkode Cybercrime Forum, Up Close
After the Darkode.me cybercrime forum was taken down recently, Brian Krebs attempts to distill several years’ worth of lurking on this forum into a narrative that hopefully sheds light on the individuals apprehended in this sting and the cybercrime forum scene in general.

Lessons Learned from the EU #SecAwareSummit
Following last week's first ever SANS Security Awareness Summit in Europe, here is a roundup of the key lessons learned there.

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The first 24 hours after a breach

Ondrej's webinar was highly successful and got an extremely high rating. You can now watch it on demand. It covers the process of Data Breach response as seen from the perspective of an incident team directly involved in putting out the digital fire.

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“Cybersecurity is never finished” | eForensics Mag

We invite you today to read an interview with Ondrej Krehel, the founder and CTO of LIFARS, and Paul Kubler, LIFARS’ Digital Forensic Examiner. We will talk about strategies and policies for cybersecurity in the world today, common mistakes, and how to make them right. We will also mention elegant solutions, building security guards, science-fiction, and balancing acts – take a look!

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8 penetration testing tools that will do the job | CSO Online

If the probability of your assets being prodded by attackers foreign and domestic doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, don’t read this article. If you’re operating in the same realm of reality as the rest of us, here’s your shot at redemption via some solid preventive pen testing advice from a genuine pro. CSO speaks with pen test tool designer/programmer/aficionado, Evan Saez, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, LIFARS, about the latest and greatest of these tools and how to apply them

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